Who We Are

Los Angeles is known to be the melting pot of cultures – the epicenter of where cultures collide. The city that was heavily influenced by Mexican and Spanish culture, now has a thriving Asian community with Koreatown, Little Tokyo, and Chinatown at the heart of Downtown LA. You can find smaller communities including Little Ethiopia, _____, and _____…


But as our cultures meld, it’s also important to remember where we came from, our roots. LA represent the symbiotic relationship between cultures, where one culture takes an idea and returns with something new. An evolution. LA Culinary was created to be the vehicle that retains the stories and heritage from our past, while exploring how the melting pot of LA has evolved the flavors and tastes of the present.


The tastes created by LA Culinary are a blend of flavors, but its essence are rooted from the past. A dash of a spice from one culture, a pinch of technique from another. The result: a new flavor that melds two cultures into one culinary mashup.